Printing & Converting Operations: New Motors
Our vast knowledge of IEC-metric frame motors found on European and Japanese printing and converting equipment is second to none. Whether you are looking for an exact replacement or something comparable to your current motor, our service representatives will assist you with your needs. Our factory contacts with motor manufacturers around the world enable us to quickly and accurately quote on motors commonly installed in your industry.

Whether it is for a main drive motor or an accessory motor, Dreisilker is your single source. New AC and DC main drive motors are regularly kept in stock at our facility. Dreisilker is the only authorized sales representative in the United States for Antriebstechnik GmbH Faurndau, formerly known as Elektra-Faurndau. Faurndau’s name is known throughout the industry as the force driving many KBA Planeta presses. Bobst, Jagenberg, W&D and others have also specified Faurndau to power their machines.
Printing Motor Repair: Foreign & Domestic
Electric motors from Heidelberg, KBA Planeta, Komori, Jagenberg, W&D and Bobst machines are regularly seen on the repair work benches of our facility. Dreisilker is also the only authorized service representative in the United States for the German-based Antriebstechnik GmbH Faurndau, formerly known as Elektra-Faurndau, whose motors are commonly seen on KBA Planeta presses.
Our superior repair methods, coupled with our extensive files of manufacturers’ winding and technical data, put us more than one step ahead of the rest. Dreisilker’s extensive stock of foreign motor parts enhances the quick turnaround required by customers.

Brushes, brush holders, cable sets and slip ring assemblies are just a few of the factory parts and products kept on our shelves every day of the year. And, for those emergency breakdown situations, our inventory of loaner motors gets your production up and running again faster than ever imagined.

Our quick access to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport enables us to ship and receive motors and products effectively to and from anywhere in the world.

Dreisilker understands the pressures of the time-sensitive printing and converting industries. We understand our customers’ requirement that machine downtime must be kept to an absolute minimum, so we return main drive motors, feeder-pile brake motors, dampening motors, and other accessory motors back to their original condition– and fast!
Printing Case Study: Converting Operation Retrofit Uses VFDs
Older model Clark-Aiken sheeter prior to retrofitting

Sheeter outfeed view

PIV gear drive

Sheeter cutting section
Case Study: Retrofit Sheeters To Increase Productivity
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Retrofit Sheeters To Increase Productivity
Yaskawa F7 Drive
RECENTLY, a nationwide packaging customer contacted Dreisilker to find a way to improve the productivity of their corrugated cardboard sheeter line. Our solution involved retrofitting their older model sheeters with new motors and variable frequency drives (VFDs).
Set-up Time Is Downtime
In studying the operation, we found a key obstacle to productivity: each time the sheeter operator changes jobs, he needs to manually adjust the PIV crank to fit size specifications for each batch of board. This adjustment set-up time varies up to 60 minutes per job. That’s valuable downtime that translates into wasted dollars. By replacing the older mechanical PIV gear drive with newer VFD technology interfaced to a programmable input control, the sheeter operation achieved better performance, greater accuracy and minimal downtime. Read entire story.