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Electric Motor Excellence Since 1955.

Reliability and Field Services

Eliminate your downtime and assure your electric motors are running properly with Dreisilker’s reliability and field services.

Motor and Drive Sales

Have peace of mind knowing that Dreisilker will be here when your motors need us with our 24-Hour Emergency Service.

In The News

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The Dreisilker Standard

Since 1955, Dreisilker has been the leader in electric motor repair, generator and wind generator repair, and new motor sales.

Dreisilker Electric Motors developed the MotorSafe Repair process to deliver a complete, and thorough, electric motor repair. The electric motor repair process uses special warming techniques along with induction stripping, precise rewinding, and advanced varnishing. Repaired electric motors are then dynamically balanced and rigorously tested to ensure they meet the Dreisilker standard. The entire electric motor repair process is methodically documented.

While our competitor can potentially damage your motor with their “burnout” method, Dreisilker returns motors back to OEM new condition. The MotorSafe Repair process the reason companies around the world turn to Dreisilker for their electric motor repairs.