Electric Motor Reliability and Field Services

Dreisilker’s Electric Motor Reliability and Field Services

Dreisilker’s full line of predictive maintenance services includes infrared inspection, dynamic balancing, laser shaft alignment, vibration analysis, electric motor diagnostic testing, electronics repair of drives and controls, and troubleshooting of your system.

Our team will work with your company to determine which service is proper for your system and we’ll develop a maintenance and inspection schedule to best prevent motor failure.

If you have already experienced motor failure, Dreisilker technicians can perform a root cause analysis to determine why your motor failed and how to prevent future failures of your system.

Why are electric motor reliability services important?

Downtime is expensive. Downtime causes workers to sit idle, it causes deadlines to be missed, and it causes customers to be disappointed. The good news is that downtime can be avoided.

Implementing a reliability maintenance plan will impact your bottom line by reducing motor system failures and the resulting costly downtime. Dreisilker’s trained technicians can help your team identify inadequate or excessive bearing lubrication, excessive vibration, motor shaft misalignment, insufficient motor torque, and many of the other common causes of motor failure.

What is electric motor reliability service?

Electric motors fail. Properly maintaining an electric motor can help prevent premature motor failure and prolong the life of your equipment.

Dreisilker Electric Motors offers a full line of predictive maintenance services that can be performed either in-house or on-site – with limited or no interruption of operations. These services include vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, laser shaft alignment, and more.

The goal of Dreisilker’s electric motor reliability service is to diagnose potential problems before failure occurs. This will allow you to increase the uptime of your motors and give you peace of mind knowing that you’re taking the proper steps to eliminate interruption of your business.