The MotorSafe Repair Process

Using MotorSafe Repair, old windings are warmed, then mechanically pulled out at or below 410°F (Class H).

  • Avoids damage to stator iron core; does not warp or distort iron housing.
  • Burnout oven temperatures exceed 680°F which compromise integrity of core with frame damage & distortion.

With MotorSafe Repair, new windings are wound using computer-controlled technology.

  • Original wire size and wiring data are recorded, to be replicated with uniformity and accuracy.
  • Other shops may change specifications, substitute inferior materials, or modify original design.

Using MotorSafe Repair, stator laminations remain undamaged by heat.

  • Prevents circulating “eddy” currents or hot spots; maintains iron structure, efficiency, temperature & amperage draw.
  • Burnout oven damage laminations, causing energy losses into higher motor temperatures & uneven amperage draw.

Using MotorSafe Repair, advanced varnishing methods are used to extend motor life.

  • Motor is cooler-running, more rigid, sealed better for specific application.
  • Other shops may use one type of varnishing method for all motors and applications.

MotorSafe Repair requires shorter stripping process time.

  • Time-efficient method has shorter lead time.
  • Time-consuming oven method, is done typically with many stators incinerated simultaneously over 8 to 12 hrs.

Using MotorSafe Repair, all rotating components are dynamically balanced.

  • Ensures vibration-free performance and longer bearing life.
  • Without dynamic balancing, bearing life is reduced and vibration issues may occur.

MotorSafe Repair produces minimal waste & uses less energy.

  • Eco-friendly with minimal carbon footprint plus energy efficiencies.
  • Burnout ovens have negative environmental issues plus excessive energy use.

Using MotorSafe Repair, all motors are thoroughly tested to NEMA and IEEE standards.

  • Verifies all motor functions have been restored to original condition or better.
  • Without systematic testing, motor condition cannot be proven; duty life may be significantly reduced.

MotorSafe Repair returns motor to OEM or better specifications.

  • Energy efficiency is maintained or improved, reducing operating cost.
  • Burnout oven heat results in lamination damage and core loss to increase energy costs.

Using MotorSafe Repair, motor frame structure remains unchanged.

  • Without distortion, motor frame holds original shape and keeps correct air gap.
  • Extreme oven heating of frame changes levels of four feet, creating “soft foot” effect; also changes shape of core affecting air gap, thus creating other negative operating issues.