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The Bottom Line on Long Lasting Electric Motor Repair

Electric motors run our businesses. Printing, plastics, heating and cooling, manufacturing of all types – all depend on the electric motor. When a problem arises it’s critical that your motors be up and running again – your profitability demands it.

Reliability,  Uptime, Energy Savings all require long-term solutions. It’s unacceptable to simply live with motor failure and a repair and repeat philosophy. We believe you should demand proper and long-lasting electric motor repair.

That’s when you need to know the impact of your motor repair decisions.  Knowing what motor repair method is used has a significant impact on your bottom line.

The Motor Repair Study

2017 – Impact of Burnout Oven Stripping on Rewound Motor Reliability and Rewinding Considerations

Goal – Directly analyze the most popular motor repair method as compared to Dreisilker’s MotorSafe Process

Methodology:  Direct Comparison – Burnout Stripping process vs Dreisilker’s MotorSafe Process

Following industry standard processes two motors were stripped using a correctly calibrated burnout oven.  Conditions reflected standards as set forth by IEEE, NEMA, EASA etc. as utilized by a majority of repair facilities in the United States.

Results – Stripping

Burnout Oven Stripping

Burnout Process

  • Exterior burn
  • Interior core shows charing
  • All lamination insulation burned away
MotorSafe Stripping

MotorSafe Process

  • Original exterior paint (evidence of a low temp stripping process)
  • Core in complete and non-damaged state
  • Lamination integrity intact.

Results – Performance: 0% Core Loss | 0% Efficiency Loss

The industry states that 20% loss is acceptable when re-winding an electric motor. We disagree.

Low quality repair dangers:

  • Core Loss
  • Efficiency Loss
  • Power Factor Decrease
  • Increased operating costs
  • Phase imbalance
  • Metallurgical Change in Electrical Steel
  • Warped Frame
  • Soft Foot

Before and After Stripping Core Loss Test Results: BurnOut Method

Before and After Stripping Core Loss Test Results: MotorSafe Process – Exclusive to Dreisilker

WHY – The Simple Facts

WHY – Does MotorSafe return an undamaged motor that’s more reliable – the simple facts

  • Damage-Free Stripping
    • Low-temperature stripping gently warms the core allowing for mechanical stripping
    • Core and frame are unaffected by stresses caused by excessive heat and the fire suppression systems needed to mediate temperatures
  • With un-damaged components, DEM motor repair experts can analyze data and work to determine root cause of failure
    • Burnout ovens totally destroy any data and the ability to forensically analyze the motor
  • With an undamaged core, lack of hot spots and retained integrity a MotorSafe repaired motor retains its OEM efficiency and Life
    • A Burnout prepared motor actually has a 1/2 life. Once burnt out the motor will last 1/2 half as long as new. (This applies to each instance)

Results – Full Presentation

On August 24th 2017 company president Leo Dreisilker presented the findings of Dreisilker Electric Motor’s Burnout Oven Impact study to an assembly of industry professionals.

This study details an analysis of the Burnout oven stripping process as compared to Dreisilker’s MotorSafe stripping process.  Covering industry standards, the components of an electric motor and the remanufacturing process from stripping through to winding, this presentation details considerations for long lasting and reliable electric motor repair.

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